Commissioning Jewlery: Mandelbrot Necklace

So, I’ve never before commissioned a piece of jewelry, and I’m excited that my first one will be through Mat Brown and his lovely skills.

I have an intense love for the beauty of fractle sets. One of these being the Mandelbrot set.
That, is where the inspiration comes from for this piece.

mandelbrot set

This, is a Mandelbrot set. It’s beautiful, and easily recognizable.

I messaged Mat initially, after running across his jewelry months back in my Google+ stream, and was just genuinely curious as to what all he made.
I ended up asking him to hold a piece for me, found in his Etsy shop >>
That, is seriously exciting, especially for an artist to hold something for me for more than a month at this point.

So last night, when I first asked he stated “So this would probably the most advanced thing I’d have ever attempted, but I think it’s doable” which just makes it better, no one else would have a piece like this. However, he sent me this design… in less than 30 minutes, I was excited like a kid on Christmas!

Mandelbrot Design

Well, today, “The wood is so brittle, it doesn’t take well to fine detail” which makes sense, as this piece is only 3cm wide. That’s a heck of a challenge, I didn’t realize how much, until I actually measured 3cm.
Bummer that I’ve been raised on the English system, and I can’t just picture it…

Mandelbrot Work In Progress

This is where we are, and as you can see, the detail work is a bit complicated. It’s so very fine, and at this scale, would require an insane precision that I’m not sure someone could do by hand.

Instead, we’re looking at a different approach. Something that will still give it the feel of a Mandelbrot set, but be just as unique and beautiful as his other pieces.

Also, if you made it this far, you realllllllly need to check out his Etsy store.

Tl;dr – Jewelry is being special made, I’m updating thanks to +Mat Brown‘s permission to share photo’s. 😀


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