Life on the Internet

Before you get to far into this, it’s going to be full of screenshots, and mild yeah right, mild ranting.

I try to keep up with the local news, and sadly, that means I follow two of the local news teams here in Louisville on Facebook. Facebook and I are not exactly on friendly terms, as I hate their privacy settings, but that is for another day.

Just this past week, a dead baby was found in a local Kohl’s bathroom. The first report comes out,

“Louisville Metro police are investigating after a dead baby was discovered inside of a department store”

and that was all the information available, until a few hours later which followed with,

“Police say a baby found dead in a department store bathroom appeared to be near-term, but questions remain concerning whether the child was still born or if the baby passed away after birth”

Both of these posts, being just hours apart, brought up some of the most vile and evil comments I’ve seen, outside of YouTube comments, on the Internet.

Here are a few from the first two posts.
Note, these posts had ONLY the information quoted above. 


Immediately jumping to the conclusion that this baby was an abortion, screaming that if people would stop ‘screwing around’ then abortion’s wouldn’t be needed, and the gem that the mother should just ‘drop the baby off at a hospital’.

There are so many problems here, and I won’t even address the grammar and punctuation errors!

Situation and Judgement

Someone that get’s what I’m feeling, they don’t know the mother’s situation, and aren’t going to spend time speculating on Facebook. However, someone feels compelled to explain that they aren’t judging – when they are – and throwing their vengeful God into this. Not only that, but they want the mother to be locked up for something she may have had no control over. Bravo Internet, way to use your collective smarts.


Does this person understand what still born means?

Granted, the baby was disposed of, but what else was there to do IF the baby was a still born, wrap it up and carry it out? Yeah, because that’d be less weird… Nothing had been released about the mother, the situation or anything, yet we’re assuming again that she didn’t even want the child. You can’t assume that she didn’t care, or that she did really, but I’m an advocate for the living person in this situation, until information is released stating there was something wrong. What’s the rule about innocent until proven guilty?

Not a Piece of Trash

While I agree with the start of this, the baby isn’t a piece of trash, and that they shouldn’t be debating, this isn’t the time or place for couples who can’t have children to be brought into this. The abortion issue is lingering in the final line, although they don’t come out and say it, it’s there… lurking.

Just Sick

Regardless of if we like it or not, this woman, this mother, will always be a mother. We apply the term mother from the time a woman is pregnant, and then for the rest of her life she will always be a mother. Mother, applies to women who’s children have died at a young age, or even in an accident when they’re older. It applies to someone who may have had a child born, but then they passed within minutes, hours, or days of their birth.

On a bit of a touchier note, I do know women who have miscarried, and still call themselves a mother to the child they would have had.  

Although I removed the names, the lady who wants to ‘have at her for a day’ is so, so,… wrong! That agitates me for something that’s fresh, in ways that it probably shouldn’t.

And, the last one, apparently you can’t even refer to her as a WOMAN anymore, because she’s so obviously in the wrong… Does this mean that she calls women who can’t, or :gasp: don’t want to, have kids ‘female‘ as if they’re less than what they are?


While I feel like the person in the first comment, is attempting to be genuine, much like bringing in couples who are trying to have kids, failing to or just starting their family, is not the place.

The most priceless gem of these, is the comment about how Kohl’s should have immediately closed upon the discovery of a dead baby. Wait, what? Do you people realize how retail works? Yeah, let’s cause MORE OF A PANIC OR SCENE than just closing off the bathrooms… Now, once the cop’s got there, they could have said whatever they needed to, and ask people to leave.

Oh but wait, there’s more,.. I can’t even bring myself to include them in screenshots because of how awful they are. 

People, felt the need to scream about how they need to string up the woman and shoot her, or stab her, or gut her, or make more of a mockery of her. Way to be humans.

There are reasons I’m not one to voice my opinions in the midst of these types of messes (particularly on social media) and will place them here, mostly coming back to people assuming I’m just another troll, or just want attention, when in fact, that’s the last two things on my mind.
Take this for what it’s worth, I’ll likely update on this story, just because it is kind of a big deal here locally,…


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