Life on the Internet: Update

So, here’s the deal with the story from here in Louisville, with the mother delivering her child, and then killing it, in the Kohl’s bathroom.

It keeps developing. There are new ‘updates’ every day or so, with rather small bits of information.
Sadly, this doesn’t change anyone’s mind about how this woman should be treated.

I finally responded on Facebook with a comment, about how she is still a mother, regardless of the baby dying/being murdered and whatnot. Maybe I’m wrong in this, but I think she should still be ‘allowed’ to be called a mother.

I apologize for the crappy images.
The screenshots didn’t quite turn out the same. 


These are some people, who just assume how awful this female is, and how horrible this person must be.
Now, she may be horrible, but it doesn’t change her from being a mother.
It also doesn’t mean you get to scream for her death.



Postpartum and Mother

So, there’s that. 

This is just SOME of what’s going on in these stacks of comments.

Apparently, there are others who have felt the same way about things, how people are reacting and commenting.

More to come.


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