Back to Uni Studies

So, the short version of all this, really isn’t that short.
Stay with me, you can do this.

Let’s go back to, say, May.
With the full summer term starting soon, as I am still taking Speed School courses, I knew I needed to get my money situation figured out. I was still looking for a job, attending interviews and such, but was pretty poor. My savings was quickly depleting, and the only source of income was that of my three day a week nanny position, which supplied just enough to make it from there and back, and pay some of my bills. (Don’t think I’m not thankful, as I am!)

I opted to go the same route of gone for the entirety of my schooling, relying on federal student aid. Now, I’m not lucky enough to qualify for any grants, so mine are strictly government funded loans, which must be either taken out in my name and my parent’s name jointly, or through the school in my name.

Master of Degrees

While I attended two classes this summer, one online, and the other an excellent Ethics course, I apparently fell below the ‘allowed’ limit – credit hours wise – for a Federal Loan. Joy!

Now, here’s the best part.

No one, absolutely no one, thought to tell Caitlyn, that there were extra special requirements for this. The University called my house, and only told me that it was there was no MPN that was signed. This was last Monday – August 12th.

So, this Monday, I’m finally informed that I cannot register for classes, add/drop classes, or move my schedule in any way for Fall, until the full balance on my Summer Semester is paid.

Freaking LOVELY.

I go to pull up my balance on my Summer account, thinking that maybe it’s just $100 or something similar that the loan didn’t cover.
Nope, $2,900+.

Wait, WHAT?!
Sadly, I didn’t start handling it, due to other life circumstances, until Friday morning.

That’s when the fun begins. All of the fun.

I won’t give you the full story, because honestly, it involves a lot of crying, shame, frustration, agitation, irritation,… and a full on exhausting day.
Instead, note the Winnie the Pooh .gif


I did not leave the Uni until 6pm, with very little actually solved.


So, between yesterday being full on busybusybusy, and today being slammed full of other things, I’ve only just had the time to sit down, and figure out exactly what courses I would need to have 12 hours. Period.

Now I just pray that professors will let me late enroll in a course.

It took more work than it may be worth. But, at least now I have a plan of action.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. 


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