The Guardian Bell

Legend speaks of Evil Road Spirits who find their way on to motorcycles, latching onto it and causing mechanical problems, and bad luck on a journey, no matter how long. These Evil Road Spirits have been around just as long as bikes have been on the road, it’s no wonder there are always problems for bikers in strange ways. 

Legend goes on to say that by attaching a small bell onto your bike, you can trap the Evil Road Spirits inside. The bell rings while the bike is in motion, causing the Road Spirits to go insane and lose their grip until they fall to the ground. (Don’t you hate those nasty potholes?!)

This, is my father’s Guardian Bell. My sister and I purchased it for him, a few Christmases back, following the tradition that a Guardian Bell given by a loved one holds twice as much power.

 Guardian Bell

Those who have been given road bells, tend to believe the legend behind them, as childish as it may seem. I am one of those few who believe in road bells, and the protection they offer…

So why is are my thoughts wrapped around a small bell, that might mean nothing to most individuals? 

This morning, the story of the bells came to me while I was struggling with Financial Aid and the Bursars Office (with a dash of the Registrar’s Office too!). I don’t have a perfect reason as to why it came back, so vividly – reading the story off of the back of the box that I purchased for my father long ago, it just did. The rest of today, the story stayed with me.

I’ve had a very dear friend tell me that the Universe is trying to give me a sign, a sign that something just isn’t right anymore with the path I want to take. I know she’s right, I know it, but I hate admitting it to myself.

This is especially hard after laying in the grass and crying because I was so upset today. 

The bells, and their story, come to life here.

I’ve slept on this post now, and I decided to remove quite a few paragraphs. 

It’s not the time, or the place to elaborate. 

I need a guardian bell for my life. 


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