Tomorrow, the Real Work Begins

Doesn’t that title sound oddly familiar Disney Generation? It should…

You Just Have to Kill Something

Hint: It was the first movie I ever watched on DVD

Mulan's Getting Fancy with a Sword

You haven’t guessed yet? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
It’s Mulan. 

There is a reason I’m using that title, I promise, but the .gif’s are just for kicks and giggles – and as a stress reduction.


So, here’s the deal. Tomorrow, I go in for a re-evaluation for my mental health issues. I’ve not been evaluated since I was in elementary school – and I hope that this isn’t nearly as stressful as it might be.



For my remaining sanity, I’m including one last gif.

The more I talk about it, the more freaked out I get, and the more I freak out about tomorrow, the more I need to talk about it …. see, silly circular logic is getting me in trouble.







I think I’m going to go slay some dragons and avoid the Internet for awhile.



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