Stuck in Transition

I’m currently stuck in Newark, New Jersey.
Not in Austria, where I’m supposed to be.

Looking out the hotel window at the airplanes and airport that are just across the interstate has me kind of bummed. But, it’s all okay … or at least it will be.

Yesterday was fun, if by fun you mean getting stranded in New Jersey when we were supposed to be a 1/4 of the way across the Atlantic.

It started out great. Everyone met up at Louisville, we got through security, then we were at our gate waiting to go. We go ahead and start boarding the rather small plane that’s supposed to take us to Newark, NJ. Everyone gets on the plane, stow all of our stuff away, and our flight attendant starts to go through her routine of safety instructions of being on the plane.

About five sentences into that the pilot comes on the speakers and asks her to stop.

She obliges and now were all kind of confused.

We’re asked to deplane, because they can’t keep us on the plane for four hours.
So we all get off, with all of our stuff, and go find a new place to hangout in the terminal.

And then the rain hit.


Rain and Wind and Rain and Wind...

Initially it was just a short 20-30 minute delay.

Then it turned into a 2 hour and 40 minute delay.

Shockingly enough we get bumped back up and pushed on the plane in Louisville.
Taxi away from the gate and move towards the runway, finally leaving for Newark, New Jersey.
We make it into the air, all excited that we just might make it to Newark for our connection.

Fifteen minutes from the Newark Airport we got diverted to Baltimore, Maryland.
Because of terrible storms.

We figured out that we would make our connecting flight if we made it back in the air within the hour.
We ended up in the air just at an hour after being diverted.

We get to the plane, get seated, and taxi away really quickly.
Only to get stuck on the runway for another twenty minutes.

We thought we were headed to New Jersey. Finally.

We finally made it to Newark. After our connection left.
At this point we should have been just about an hour over the Atlantic Ocean. But we weren’t, obviously.

Our lovely coordinator was a rock in the last little bit of our adventure. She trooped though customer service and attempted to get us onto the next International Flight to Zurich. That plane was scheduled to leave in just over an hour from the time we landed. Sadly, the computers were down, and they just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t swing it … at all.

So, we sat in the terminal wondering if we were going to spend the night, in fact, in this terminal.

Luckily, KIIS came through for us and we scored a hotel and a flight out today.

Last night this little graph was drawn.

Murphy's Law of Study Abroad

We’re about to leave this hotel, and the little hiccup in the trip.
Each of my cohorts in this adventure have decided to have the best attitude we can, and to eventually look back on this as one of the hilarious moments from this trip to Austria.


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