It Feels Like Sunday,… aber es ist Samstag.

I’m going to stick with the idea that not sleeping on the plane from Newark, NJ, to Zürich, Switzerland was a wise idea.

Granted, I almost had completely lost it prior to boarding the plane.
And, I likely annoyed my seatmates on the way there because Will and I were chatting over the rows about how excited we were to be taking off — finally.

We made it to the plane!

After sitting on the runway again — I’m pretty sure it is our lot in this trips beginning to be forced to wait as long as humanly possible for everything — for what was just a few moments, we finally took off. It was the best feeling ever. It meant we were finally leaving for Austria.

Fast forward about three movies later, I’m still wide awake. We’re closer to Dublin and London that anything, at least according to the map, than we are to New York, and dawn is fast approaching.

Almost there, just a few hours to go.

After finally getting to Zürich we made our way through the international center and customs, and I acquired my first little stamp for my passport. ❤

First Stamp. Willkommen nach Zürich!

Ironically enough the lady didn’t believe me when I told her I was studying here for six weeks. It was weird that she didn’t believe me, but we ran with it. We made our way down to where the luggage should have been coming off the plane,.. but low and behold, ours wasn’t there. Come to find out two of our girls saw them trying to put it on the plane, but they were forced to not because of weight or something — I’ll just file that under things we will never know, ever. So began the event of ‘I haven’t had clean clothes in two full days not and I’ve now washed my underwear twice in the sink’ and we were supposed to meet our host families. I’m so glad they didn’t smell us, at least not on purpose.


After dropping off what little stuff we had, and being forced into showers — in all honesty, we needed it — we met back up for a quick walking tour of Bregenz, Austria. This is to be our new home, and it’s so beautiful, for the next 5 weeks.

The Herz Jesu Kirche was the first thing to really greet us, and it’s just so… beautiful. It is a perfect landmark for the difference between the old town of Bregenz and the new.

Herz Jesu Kirche


After our tour I had my first glass of wine for this trip, and it was so much better than anything I’d had in a long time. It might have been because of the whole trip-from-Hell we’d just been through, but regardless it was nomalischious.


Dinner followed at the Gasthof Goldener Hirschen — this restaurant has been working with KIIS for several years, and they supply us with dinner on every night but Tuesdays. I tried something new, that I really had no idea what it was, but it was absolutely delicious too! The dessert was a cinnamon icecream, and while that seemed really odd at first, it turned out to be way better than expected. I need to find cinnamon ice cream when I get home — although it won’t be the same, I already know it won’t.

First Austrian Dinner. Bread Dumpling and Sauerkraut. First Austrian Dessert. Cinnamon Ice Cream.


I should write about what we actually did today, 30 May, but I’m too tired to keep writing. Hopefully tomorrow I can find better words and more time to finally scribble down everything that I refuse to forget.


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