Samstag, 30 Mai, in Feldkirch und Bregenz, Österreich

Saturday in Austria

Our group was almost all here and we had finally rested, and even though our luggage wasn’t with us — yet — it was supposed to arrive today. So, we made the best of the situation and went to Feldkirch anyways. Why should we waste time here in Austria?! Pffht, never.

We made our way to die Bahnhof (train station) of which I have zero photos for now, and took our first journey together. One thing of note, almost everything is clean here — even the train stations! When I’ve been to places like New York and Chicago and rode the trains/subways, or been in Louisville and around on the TARC buses, everything is just gross. Here, it seems, they take such pride in how beautiful every thing should be.

After we exit the train at Feldkirch we wander through to the ‘old-town’ and through this absolutely beautiful Marktplatz (market place). So many sights, smells, sounds,… and the flowers! There were flowers for sale at almost every booth that wasn’t selling some sort of Fleisch oder Käse (meats or cheeses). I wanted to buy some to bring home to my Gastfamilie (host family), but I really didn’t want them to die while I was in Feldkirch. Knowing my luck they would have been trampled, squashed, or otherwise forgotten. Maybe I’ll get some in the next few days to bring to Frau Bridgette.

We meandered through the Marktplatz and ended up at this rather old church. While this is not uncommon, especially in this area, most people from the US find old to be more like the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s … thArt Inside the Kircheat’s not the case here. The church we were allowed to enter is not just a church, but a working art exhibit.

The current artwork is made to represent Joseph and Mary, and the connection that is found between them. I didn’t get it, I don’t often understand modern art, but it’s very beautiful nonetheless. This sculpture is being moved out of the church on 31 May.

This church was also the first place I got to play with the whole Photosphere part of my camera. I like it, it’s nice. When it works right, which is about 80% of the time.

After visiting this little church and standing outside listening to a street group try and sing ‘Wild Thing’, we realized our director was missing — he was on the phone with two different people, one of the other students who hadn’t arrived yet, and the airline with information about our missing bags. He gave us the good news, and for once, no bad news, our bags were on their way to Bregenz from Zürich! Gott sie Dank!


Following that announcement, we were allowed to roam Feldkirch to eat and to later meet up to actually go visit the castle itself.

Maggie and I found this great cafe that was shockingly well priced and had absolutely delicious food. I had this << and it’s name does not translate well. Kaiserschmarrn!

Sooooooo delicious.

To top that off I had a friend give me a simple recipe with which to make this when I get home. You better believe it’s happening. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

From here on out, I’m going to just share all the photos from Feldkirch. I can’t help it, it’s so pretty and I can’t find a good way to share my thoughts about the place. The view, was absolutely inspiring. I’m pretty sure I’m living in a postcard.

From Feldkirche

Most of the group

These two are from the entrance to the castle in Feldkirch.
One is just of the town below, and another with a majority of our group studying here.
Aren’t we adorable?! Don’t answer that … no really, don’t. 

Feldkirche Courtyard

This courtyard and cafe from inside the castle are so dang pretty. I told one of my classmates I want to live here, well, in a castle … it won’t happen, but a girl can dream!

Inside Feldkirche    Looking over the City


I’m so jealous that people just get to live here all the time… T_T


Upon returning to Bregenz, via the ‘fast train’, we were given a few moments to freshen up and then come down for dinner at Gasthof Goldener Hirschen. Mmmmm. Dinner.

Still delicious. Still amazing.
Can I have more Suppe (soup)?

After dinner I actually headed to the house I’m staying at and gave my host family their gift. That raised a lot of questions, because there was a rather complicated miscommunication in there. That was hard to work around — but we managed it. I also had my first real conversation auf Deutsch with my host-mother, and she complimented my pronunciation! That’s literally the best compliment I could have received from anyone!

When her son came over for dinner I decided to wander down to Bodensee (Lake Constance) and watch the sunset. It had been threatening rain all day, or it at least looked like it would at home, so I took my jacket and walked along the shoreline. It was absolutely peaceful — mostly. There were swans that were quite loud, but that’s swans for you.

The sunset was perfect.

Sonnenuntergang am Bodensee

The colors shifted slowly as the sun sank into the water ending Day 2 in Austria.


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