Sonntag, 31 Mai. Unterricht und Freizeit in Bregenz, Österreich.

Sunday, May 31, Classes and free-time in Bregenz. 

Today, Sunday of all days, we started classes.
While I haven’t completely adjusted to the time here, I’m pretty dang close. Especially considering that I’m still up at 23:10 and just now starting to write. I don’t know if it’s all that common to stay up this late — when I look out my window down towards the city all has been quiet for at least the last hour.

My first class is German 210 — Intermediate German. Oh man was I in for a rough wake-up call as it’s been at least 9 months since I’ve had an real practice in German. And that’s kind of generous. Outside of a few phrases here and there I really haven’t used any of my German in ‘real-life’ for a long time.

That was painful.
But, after I got going, I feel like I got better.
That could be a complete lie, but for now I’m going to believe it. 

All the FountainsMy second class is a Leadership course, specifically Leadership in Diverse and Global Environments. That class is fun, weird to rationalize, but fun nonetheless. I’ll have to expand on this class more when it starts to make more sense.

After my two classes were over myself and four other students walked down to this little Pizzeria place called LuSt and oh snap was it good. Fantastic place with excellent prices, and to top it off I asked the waiter we worked with to speak to me only in German. He made me, and he let me screw up, and he made sure to help me when I screwed up. I could have hugged the guy. Seriously.

This is where I felt as thought I started to succeed for the day. 

After lunch I had all the free time, so I came back up to my host-family’s Haus (home) and started on homework for my classes. Shocker, homework on the first day of classes! The best part of it was sitting outside and doing it in the sunshine.

Erdbeere Eis mit Maggie

My host mother came out her door and let me know that it was getting late, and that I should open the umbrella to shadow the table, AND that she was going to go swim down at the public pool near Bodensee (Lake Constance) and she took off on her bike. She’s an impressive lady!

We went to dinner, and while I didn’t make the best choice for my meal this evening, it was something interesting. Creamed spinach and potatoes!

After dinner Maggie and I walked down to the lake and spent about an hour, or more, just sitting and talking about life and things while enjoying the sunshine. The lake is just gorgeous at all times of the day — and it’s always full of people later in the day.

While on our way back I decided I wanted some Eis (Ice Cream) and Maggie was nice enough to go with me. This was my second attempt at conversing in only German with someone else, and I nailed it. WHATWHAT?!

The rest of the day was marginally uneventful. I was a mostly good student today and knocked out most of my homework.

I’m going to bed now. I am truly tired. 



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