2 – Montag, 1 Juni. Abendessen und Freizeit in Bregenz, Österreich.

Oh. My.

So, I promised something for the second half of today, and to knock it out of the park I’ll start with the lovely dinner we were served today. These aren’t all my pictures this time, some of them are Julia’s. She’s one of the other students here.

Dinner was fantastic. I picked something I wasn’t one hundred percent sure of, but I gave it a fair go.
Gebackener Camembert mit Preiselbeeren und Salat!


I had zero idea what Camembert was, so I caved and Googled it. It’s a cheese, I mean, I should have guessed,… but I didn’t. Oh well, I ordered it anyways and it was delicious too. At this point I shouldn’t question my food choices for dinner, but sometimes I just don’t know.

After dinner Julia, Shane, and I went to the Supermarket for one thing — and one thing only. KINDER EGGS.

Seriously, we shouldn’t have wandered around the entire supermarket because they were RIGHT THERE AT THE CASHWRAP, but whatever. We found our eggs, paid, and went outside to eat them. None of us had ever had one before, so we chose to experience them together.

There will eventually be a really hilarious YouTube video of the opening, eating, and prize-putting-togetherness. It just might be a few days before that gets posted.


What is this, a toy for children?! Finally, we got them together! Showing off our Kinder Eggs

Shortly after a firetruck drove by and I did the ‘dumb tourist’ thing and recorded it. The engineer, or driver, made a funny face because Julia asked, kind of loudly, if I was recording them and I of course answered ‘Yup.’
I mean, I just wanted to know what I firetruck was like here — for those curious, they’re quite tiny compared to the ones I’m used to from home.

It finally rained in Bregenz.
That meant I got to tromp up the hill, barefoot, because I did not wear waterproof shoes to dinner.
But hey, this time I made it all the way to the top of the first half without stopping. That’s an accomplishment to say the least.

I spent some time with my Host-mother, she’s like the sweetest lady ever. I’m so blessed to be in a house with someone like her. We took pictures together out her window of the sunset.

Sunset from the House.

Now, time for the rest of my homework. 


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