Einen Tag zu spät! Dienstag 2 Juni, Mittwoch 3 Juni, und Donnerstag 4 Juni. Unterricht in Bregenz, Österreich und Freizeit in Lindau, Deutschland.

I’m one day behind on my updates about Bregenz, but hopefully this makes up for it.
[read: less pictures, more words – maybe] 

Dienstag, (Tuesday) was interesting. It was the first time we had short classes for this trip — and possibly the last. It was on Tuesday that we spent the last half of the day in Lindau, Germany. I can see Lindau from my window, although before Tuesday I don’t think I knew that it was Lindau.

Classes went well, and I couldn’t ask for better teachers here. Laurie lets me struggle through things in German, and I will continue to assume that it is helpful, and Dr. J lets us ask all kinds of interesting questions and actually is kind enough to answer us. I’ve had professors before that I’ve hated because they wouldn’t answer you, or just make you guess if you were right or not. That is absolutely, the worst.

Outside of prepping for my upcoming German exam and the paper for my Leadership class, these last two days were relatively uneventful. Outside of our excursion to Lindau, Germany!

The excursion was started by train, and we took off for a short little 10 minute ride only to get off on the island of Lindau. No, seriously, it’s an island.
The city is on a little island in Lake Constance.

It’s so cuuuuuuteeee. See!

Lindau Insel

According to Mr. Tour Guide, also known as, Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, stated that we couldn’t get lost on the island. I feel like I could get lost, but I probably shouldn’t have tried. I mean, I failed, so I guess he was right that we couldn’t get lost.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! 

We wandered around on the island together and saw some really beautiful houses, churches, and a really glorious Rathaus. It’s so decorative and bright. I kind of wanted to walk around the inside of this building, but I’m not sure I would have been allowed in. I might have to go back one afternoon to Lindau and explore.

Rathaus in Lindau


The group of friends that I wandered around with let me take a really silly picture, but hopefully they like it as much as I do.

Group Shot at the Fountain in Lindau

The Lion of Lindau

It was shortly after we got there that Dr. J told us about the fact that this Lion Statue was not owned by the city. It’s a really pretty lion, and supposedly extremely well known. It’s also right next to the only lighthouse in Bavaria.

It’s so pretty. :3


I want to go back to Lindau.
Just by writing this I’ve decided I have to go back.

The Lion and the Lighthouse

Leaving Lindau

Wednesday was rather uneventful, mostly school and homework… and dinner.

I tried to go to the Jazz Festival in Bregenz, but then my body worked against me and I started not feeling so great. It was the worst. So, instead of fighting through it I just gave up and went to bed. Today has been a rough day, I don’t know if I just didn’t sleep well or what, but it’s been a really under-the-weather type day.

I guess I lied to you about having more words this time around, it’s hard to write when I’ve been writing (albeit poorly) all day.

Hopefully this weekend I can come up with something better.


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