Let’s See How Much I Can Write in 24 Hours. 16 Juni, Der Pfänder!

This day was eventful.

After coming back from Cologne, Germany the day before, I found myself sicker than I expected.
Travel, plus awkward health, can cause greater problems it seems. I wasn’t even that sickly to begin with, but it seems that without adequate sleep, food, and allergy medication my stuffy nose turned into the start of an upper respiratory infection.

Thankfully, KIIS has a doctor in Bregenz that I could go see, because I seriously needed something to kick the cough, headache, and lack of sleep.

One of my professors, Laurie, went with me, for any translation issues that would arise, and I was never happier to see someone who could likely fix me. By the end of the appointment, and time at the Apotheke, I was hopefully armed with enough drugs to fix me. I went back up to my homestay and promptly fell asleep, and almost missed the ride up the Pfänderbahn!

Thankfully, my idiot self never gets up on time, and instead sets something like 8 alarms to get up. I slept through the first three — so I took off after finding some shoes, almost running, down the hill that my family lived on, and was promptly out of breath by the time I reached the Student Center. No one was there, and for once being part of a semi loud group of students was helpful, because I could hear them just up ahead. So, off I went again.

In all honesty, I thought I was going to die trying to catch up to them. Eep.

Totally made it though, which was grand.
And no, I wasn’t dead yet.

Dr. Z always seemed concerned about taking us anywhere — as you can almost see from his face here. He has that look of ‘Oh god, we’re going to do this, with all of them? Hopefully no one dies, or almost dies, I don’t want to have to write up that accident report.’

Dr. Z Looks a Bit Concerned

So, a few moments later they made sure everyone was on the gondola and off we went. I made my way to the back and made sure my phone was set to record our trip up the Pfänderbahn because I had the perfect viewpoint.

Even through the clouds and overcast sky the view was beautiful.

Ignore the loud talking, the view is better than the talking anyways.

For me, the best part wasn’t even the view, it was the animals!
Because who doesn’t love fluffy little bunnies, warthogs, and mountain climbing goats. Oh, and I should mention, all of these animals are native to the area.

The little goat at the end would jump up and down and up and down and up and down…

If I remember correctly we were discussing the likelyhood of them being able to roll down the mountainside if they tuck their legs in. I just thought they were wild with those huge horns. I wouldn’t want to meet one in its home turf that’s for sure.

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My favorite though was the bunnies. Because duh, bunnies, are all fluffy and they have giant ears, and they wiggle their little noses … and they kick you in the face … oh wait, no, that’s me. They’re just mostly fluffy little balls of fluff.

Then, there were these guys, the piggies. Yes, yes, I called them piggies, get over it. At first it was just a group of little ones, that when our group approached they took off for cover. Next thing you know, out comes daddy and momma, and then one curious little piggy.


As a once huge fan of Charlotte’s Web I have a soft spot in my heart for little pigs, especially ones who like to frolic in the dirt and show off their piggy selves, which is exactly what this little one did.

Then, there were the marmots. After we hiked down a hill, across a low part, and then I almost died when I realized I had to go back up the hill. I don’t hike. I don’t, at all, ever. Hiking is probably one of my least favorite things. It’s up there with camping. While I love being in the outdoors, I am never one with nature. It and I barely get along as it is.

There was fighting,…

Then there was this one, sitting off on his own, avoiding the fighting. Until one of his pen-mates alerted him to our presence then they ran for cover. Or rather, they tunneled for cover.

Oh, and last but not least, the deer. Or deer-ish things. Maybe they’re stags. I don’t know, I don’t animal well.

There were babies, and the babies likes to frolic in the grass that was almost as tall as them!
Sadly though, I don’t have actual proof that they were really frolicking, but I swear they were.

They were amazingly beautiful creatures, add that in with the backdrop that the city of Bregenz supplies and it was full of wonder.

Short Panorama from the Top of the Pfänder

Seriously, I just wanted to stare at it all. Forever.


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