I always hate filling these things out. It should be a non-issue because, honestly, who really reads these things? Oh wait, you do.

I shall tell my About with pictures, because everyone loves pictures.
If you don’t, well, that’s silly.

The title of my new home on WordPress, Death by Differential Equations, comes from my absolute hatred of this class and how it’s structured. I can do the math, I just can’t pass the exams. Ironic is it not?
Since starting this blog I have abandoned all desire to finish the Engineering track and am instead moving to something that I have found that is a better fit. You can read about that here >> Life Choices Written Here!


I want to travel, and someday, I’ll get there. I want to go beyond The States, into Europe, parts of the Middle East, Asia and of course Australia (provided things don’t kill me as soon as I get off the plane. I’m looking at you spiders-o-doom.)

As of this summer, 2015, I have managed to get my first official stamp on my passport by going with the Kentucky (and Indiana) Institute for International Study to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. My oh my was it’s amazing.

If you’re interested in reading anything about my time abroad the tag KIIS or Study Abroad should give you absolutely everything I’ve written, so far, about my time abroad.

Mir Reichts

Although I have always wanted to learn a second language, I never really picked what I wanted to study. My High School, although they required a full year of a foreign language, only offered Spanish, and I knew that’s not what I truly wanted to learn. Over the past two years, I narrowed down languages I was interested in, German came out on top.

I have since finished one semester of course-work, and plan to continue in the German Minor program at the Uni. Hopefully, by doing that, I can keep my pitiful GPA alive.

(For curious minds, the above is loosely translated to ‘I’ve had enough. I’m going swinging.’) 

On top of all that, I’m a little strange and awkward. I post stupid photos that make me smile, and gif’s that describe my current ‘state’. However, I’m sure most people see me like this last photo.

Not Amused

Give me time, I’m sure I’ll grow on you!


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